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Our Settlements

Millions collected on behalf of our clients!  A small sampling of those case results are provided below.

$2,000,000 settlement.  Represented a young mother in a wrongful death action involving the medical care and treatment of her husband.  The deceased suffered from a very common post-operative complication that was not recognized.  Because of the lack of recognition by the health care provider, the deceased suffered a fatal injury.

$800,000 settlement.  Represented a wife in a wrongful death action involving the care and treatment provided to her husband who had died of a heart attack that was misdiagnosed.

$759,000 verdict.  Represented a wife in a wrongful death action involving the misdiagnosis of colon cancer.

$750,000 settlement.  Represented three minor children in a wrongful death action involving the death of their mother who developed advance cancer that was misdiagnosed.

$725,000 settlement.  Represented a young girl who had a congenital condition at birth that was misdiagnosed and treated by the health care providers.

$550,000 settlement.  Represented two minor children in a wrongful death action involving their mother who developed a fatal pulmonary embolism that was misdiagnosed.

$525,000 settlement.  Represented a wife in a wrongful death action involving the medical care and treatment of her husband.  The deceased underwent a minor one day surgery and suffered a fatal anoxic brain injury.

$500,000 settlement. Wrongful Death truck accident wherein truck ran stop sign on rural county road and broadsided clients vehicle causing fatal injuries.

$387,000 settlement.  Represented the estate of a young lady who died from complications following a surgical procedure.

$375,000 settlement.  Represented a husband in a wrongful death action involving his wife and the mother of his children.  The deceased suffered a complication after a medical procedure that was not properly diagnosed.

$275,000 settlement.  Represented a well-respected retired businessman in a medical malpractice action that involved the misdiagnosis of a cancerous tumor.

$235,000 settlement. Injury at highway speed when the defendant crossed the center grassy median of a four lane highway and collided head on with our client.  Injuries included closed head injury (brain bleed) and permanent upper extremity and hand injury.

$150,000 settlement. Auto Collision resulting in back surgery.  (Policy Limits settlement)

$120,000 settlement.  Represented a young lady who was rear ended on US 54 by a cement truck.

$100,000 settlement.  Represented the parents of a young who was involved in an accidental shooting that led to the boy’s death.

$100,000 settlement.  Represented a young woman who was hit by a drunk driver.

$100,000 policy limits settlement.  Represented a young professional woman who suffered substantial injuries to her leg after being hit by a drunk driver.